7 Key Tips To Reduce Workplace Stress
Tips to stay safe at work

Workplace injuries are preventable. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe at work.

1. Get some training and learn how to identify hazards, manage risks, and do the job safely before you start.
2. Ask your supervisor to watch and check that you are doing the job the right way.
3. Speak up and let supervisors know if you think a task is too dangerous or difficult for you.
4. Ask questions and check with supervisors and co-workers when you aren’t sure or can’t remember how to do a job safely.
5. Learn what to do and where to get help in an emergency.
6. Always follow the safety rules and procedures.
7. Always wear any personal protective equipment provided by your employer.
8. Report all injuries (minor or major), WHS incidents, and near misses.
9. Look out for and report hazards.
10. Keep an eye on your co-workers, especially if they are new to the workplace, and don’t know all the WHS issues.
11. Try to get a good night’s rest before heading into work. Feeling tired can lead to dangerous mistakes.
12. If you have a safety concern, talk with more experienced workers such as supervisors, co-workers, or your family to get some advice.

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