Assesment Tools Assessment ToolsOur revolutionary internet-based testing system means our assessments are completely portable. So, if a candidate cannot get to one of our branches we can get the testing to them. Just a small number of areas we are able to access include:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Clerical skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Call Centre
  • Sales
  • Industrial Concepts
  • Accounting
  • WH&S
  • Medical and legal areas
  • Personality Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence including the DISC System
  • Values

Assessments are useful, not only when hiring new staff, but also when identifying needs for training and development or as a valuable addition to team building exercises. This can help with areas of succession and future planning and identifying your organisation’s long-term training needs.

The tests deliver a combination of performance-based and knowledge-based questions, along with easy to use testing, creating functionality that enables our clients to address their precise business, education and training needs.

Psychometric tests can measure a range of attributes including; motivation, intelligence and overall personality profile. The tests are usually tailored to specific tasks and industries to ensure all required skills are effectively screened.

For high risk and more demanding roles, the assessment process can be scaled from basic initial screenings to high-level assessments. When necessary, candidates can be asked to take more than one test, or participate in an interview with a trained psychologist.

Some examples of what is measured include:

  • Personality and how it aligns with the role/ organisation
  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Orientation to teamwork
  • Ability to follow instructions and work independently
  • Ability to manage stress, pressure, and work demands
  • Safety behaviours

Predictivepsychometrictesting infographic Assessment Tools

Rather than just relying on a candidate’s appearance, education and previous experience, psychometric tests allow you can obtain a complete picture making it easy to determine whether a person will thrive within your organisations culture. They could just be what you need to get your hiring right.

Psychometric tests are a genuine and reliable indicator of future job performance, resilience, cultural fit, and engagement. When used correctly, they will significantly increase the chances that new employees will succeed.

Complete Staff Solutions are able to work with our clients to establish benchmarks which reflect the performance and culture our clients are seeking to replicate when taking on new staff. Our commitment to ensuring we have the best available recruitment tools is one we take seriously.

We are constantly researching new tools and methodologies to ensure we provide you with the highest standard of recruitment using cutting edge practices.

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