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Nobody enjoys making staff redundant Outplacement Services help in an unfortunate, sometimes necessary, part of people management. It can be a traumatic and stressful event for all parties involved. Complete Staff Solutions' Outplacement Services delivered by our Recruitment Specialists. Bring invaluable strategic advice, sensitivity, discretion and expert counseling to defuse the situation and create a positive framework to proceed both for the organisation and specifically the employee.

  • Terminations must be planned to ensure a smooth transition for employees who are to be out-placed;
  • The needs of those out-placed must be determined in order to initiate the most appropriate level of support;
  • Morale of remaining managers and staff must be nurtured to alleviate stress and maintain productivity;
  • A safeguard must be put in place to protect the company’s image, reputation, assets and to avoid the possibility of litigation.

Complete Staff Solutions’ expertise lies in helping displaced employees rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem by working with them to identify their strengths, develop personal presentation skills and market themselves successfully to new employers. Our competency-based approach audits skills acquired, assesses future requirements and promotes effective personal marketing and personal advancement.

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