The health, safety, and wellbeing of all our employees and the community re

mains our priority. As such we are doing everything we can to assist with preventing the spread of COVID19.


• Staying up-to-date with COVID19 advice
• Implementing all Government instructions including self-isolation instructions
• Increasing awareness amongst all staff members of COVID19
• Pre-screening all visitors to the office in line with Government guidelines, along with visitor
declaration upon arrival
• Implementing social distancing when and wherever possible whereby people stay 1.5 metres
apart or if not possible for less than 15 minutes and no physical contact
• Advise staff of coughing and sneezing etiquette whereby tissues are used to restrict spread
of droplets and tissue disposed of immediately
• Availability of disinfectant, tissues and hand sanitiser, if possible
• Wiping down desktops, communal areas, door handles, phones and other surfaces between
users/visitors and through the day using disinfectant
• Option of working from home when possible, if available
• Increase awareness of the importance of correct hand washing methods using soap and hot
running water for at least 20 seconds
• Regular communications to all staff regarding updates on COVID19
• Encouraging those that feel unwell to stay home and not appear at the workplace for at least
14 days, until well or cleared by doctor
• Anyone with COVID19 symptoms to seek medical advice
• Advising not to undertake International travel until further notice
• Using technology to communicate, rather than ‘face-to-face’ meetings whenever possible

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