Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing 300x261 Drug And Alcohol TestingDrug and Alcohol misuse is estimated to cost Australian business billions of dollars annually. Recent data has demonstrated a fourfold increase in alcohol and illicit drug detection when testing is conducted on individuals involved in accidents and incidents in the workplace.

Through Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, employers have the responsibility to provide a healthy and safe working environment and to identify and manage hazards in the workplace. Employers can be proactive by undertaking the detection and management of the risks associated with misuse of recreational drugs and alcohol amongst employees and contractors.

Complete Staff Solutions aims to assist and support employers working in cooperation with occupational health physicians, unions and employees by providing this service in a sensitive and professional manner.


Using only authorised and approved collectors, Complete Staff Solutions tests in accordance with AS/NZS 4308:2008 (urine) and AS 4760-2006 (oral).

There are a variety of on-site testing options available:

Blanket Testing– every person on-site on the designated day is tested.

Random Testing– a proportion (% as required) of the workforce is tested. Names are drawn randomly utilising Complete Staff Solutions marble method or using a computer algorithm.

Post Incident / For Cause / Target Testing– adopted when a serious incident occurs and drugs and/or alcohol need to be eliminated as a possible cause, or when a person is behaving in ways consistent with the presence of drugs and/or alcohol and thereby presenting a risk to themselves or others.

Return-to-Work Testing– employees who have tested positive in the past are required to submit drug-free samples prior to returning to work.

Pre-employment Testing – Candidates for job roles can be tested prior to engagement.

On-site testing services are charged per person tested and include the following:

– Trained collection staff conduct testing on-site according to AS/NZS 4308 or AS 4760;

– Testing can be performed either in an office environment or on the road using our mobile testing van;

– Multiple collectors are provided for large sites or mass testing;

– Transport of samples to laboratory;

– Preparation of the collection area to allow for individual privacy and minimise the risk of sample alteration or substitution;

– Use of chain of custody forms, security seals and toilet colouring agents as AS/NZS 4308 and AS 4760 as required;

– Dedicated Customer Service Team to schedule your testing, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week;

– Ongoing support and advice from our Complete Staff Solutions qualified collectors.


Complete Staff Solutions offers an advice service to help you review or develop a Drug & Alcohol Workplace Policy.

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