8 Essential Interview Tips By A Recruiter

At Complete Staff you do not need to prepare for a job interview, you simply Register for Work and we match you to a suitable job, or you find a job on our website and apply:

But we are a labour hire agency – usually in your job search journey you will need to prepare for, and sit, a job interview.

It’s a competitive world out there, so it is important that job candidates put their best foot forward in any job interview situation.

Brush up on your skills and have the all-important etiquette down to a tee before you meet potential employers face to face. Be ready to make a good first impression, because after all, first impressions count!

Dressing for the interview

It’s often hard to know how to dress for an interview, particularly when many organisations don’t require staff to wear a uniform. The key is to dress to impress but make sure it’s suitable for the role. You may notice employees in an office environment wearing a range of clothing, from casual to smarter office attire; base your decision on what the most professional looking people are wearing. It is always best to dress up, rather than down.

Your arrival

Being late will ruin any chances you have of securing a job so make sure you arrive early. This shows your employer that you have good time management skills, but also gives you time to acquaint yourself with the location of the interview and freshen up should you need to.

Eye contact

Greet your interviewer by making eye contact, smiling and extending your arm with a firm handshake. Wait to be offered a seat and remember not to slouch. Body language is almost as important as what you actually say, so keep your attention fixed on the interviewer throughout. By paying attention and listening, you’ll be better able to respond.

Ask questions

Remember that an interview is a two-way conversation. Whilst the hiring manager will ask you a series of questions to ascertain your experience, you need to make sure for yourself that the job is what you expect it to be. Come prepared with a few questions, leaving salary and benefits off the table for the moment.


Throughout your interview, be positive about your previous employment experiences, and don’t feel the need to embellish your achievements because your lies will ultimately come undone. At the conclusion of the interview, thank the interviewer for their time and address them by their name. Shake hands and confidently leave the room.

Don’t fall into the trap of dressing inappropriately, seeming disinterested in the role or referring to a previous employer in a negative manner. Remember too that your mobile phone needs to be off! Do your research and mind your manners and you’ll be off to a great start when it comes to job interview skills.


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