Using A Recruitment Agency For Short Term Labour

Both large and small businesses require temporary staff from time to time. Perhaps you’re looking for a person to fill a position for the busy season but are concerned that business might slow down at a certain point and the extra help will no longer be required.

Or maybe your business’ needs change frequently requiring last-minute or on-call temporary employees. Short term labour provides an excellent workforce solution for these situations and other labour gap situations common to businesses dealing with changing or uncertain circumstances.


Use Recruitment Agencies To Save Time And MoneyRecruitment agencies find and provide the ideal employees to suit your company’s circumstances so that you do not have to keep repeating the recruitment process every time you need a temporary employee.

The benefits of using a recruitment agency for your temporary labour needs include:

  1. Emergency or short notice cover. Sometimes the need for an extra worker cannot be predicted beforehand or something might come up such as employee illness or injury requiring prompt replacement. This is where recruitment agencies become lifesavers. Because employment agencies have candidates who are ready and willing to take on work on short notice, you can get temporary cover for your vacant position in no time cutting on downtime and losses.
  2. Strong selection processes. Quality should never be sacrificed for quantity. This can easily happen when you are looking for a large number of temporary employees to fill several positions. Luckily, recruitment agencies offer both quantity and quality. As a result of the large number of job seekers registered with recruitment agencies and their strong selection processes, your business will get access to a large number of high-caliber temporary workers within a short time. The selection process used by recruitment agencies helps to match job seekers with job opportunities based on the information and criteria submitted by both parties.
  3. Network. Â Recruitment firms have a larger network of available workers than any employer could have. For an employer looking to hire a temporary worker, you would need to advertise the job opening, interview candidates, and then process new hire documents for a relatively short employment period. A staffing agency on the other hand keeps relationships with workers that they have already identified as reliable, dependable, and conscientious and can fill a vacant position in a matter of days, or even hours. The network maintained by staffing firms is a broad one from which they can get capable employees to fill any position you might have or anticipate.
  4. Cost. By using a recruitment agency, you will be able to lower the costs associated with staff recruitment. Because staffing agencies take care of the entire employment process, they will relieve you of recruitment costs such as CV evaluation, pre-employment testing, drug screening, and background investigations. In addition, you will be able to save money on costs related to payroll processing and administration for your temporary staff as this will be handled by the recruitment agency. By using a recruitment firm for your alabour needs you will get access to qualified workers at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Knowledge of the market. Â Great recruitment agencies have their finger on the pulse of their specialist markets and will therefore be able to give your HR department insight into what is going on. They know the available talent, where they are situated, and how to reach them. They also have an understanding of the current hiring complexities, available skill-sets, and the current salary rates. If other companies are struggling to find the same worker like you, they will offer advice on viable alternatives. A good recruitment agency acts as a collaborator and partner while still being your eyes and ears in the labour market. The knowledge recruitment agencies possess will ensure that you get the right person to fill your current labour gap regardless of the prevailing market conditions.
  6. A recruitment agency acts as a one-stop-shop for all your labour needs. Regardless of the position you need filling, you can be certain that the recruitment agency will provide a qualified person within the shortest time possible.

    At Complete Staff Solutions, we strive to provide the best quality labour hire for our clients. That is why we thoroughly vet all candidates and follow up on employee progress even after placement.

    We believe in our ability to successfully match employees with employers so much that we’ll not charge you if you are unsatisfied with a worker within the first 8 hours of hire.


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