Recruiters Top Traits

How can you be the best recruiter that companies have to keep?
There are several different ways, and there isn’t one simple rule that governs success. Different clients will have different opinions about what type of partnership they prefer with their recruiters. Still, there is a certain set of skills that character traits that all the best recruiters share… and they’re written into what they do every day… RECRUIT!

Whether you’re a newbie recruiter or a seasoned one, it doesn’t matter – if you’re doing well, it’s likely you possess these character traits.

E for enthusiastic

The best recruiters are the ones who get excited about their work and bring truckloads of enthusiasm to their client briefs and candidate needs. They keep a positive attitude and inject energy and effort into the work they do. It’s contagious. It means the recruiter provides a high quality of service. The one that’s enjoyable and memorable.

C for competitive

Best recruiters are also competitive in a healthy way. They absolutely thrive in an environment where they must rise to the top and get ahead. These job hunters are corporate Adrenalin junkies who want to come out on top. They will do anything it takes to get there. They don’t take no for an answer and make things happen.

R for ravenous recruiters

These recruiters are not just hungry to do a good job. They’re ravenous for it! They don’t stop until they find the perfect person for their client, and the perfect role for their candidate! The saying is being ‘hungry for success’, but they really do take this to a new level. They don’t stop and constantly work to feed a need that can never truly be satisfied!

U for useful

Knowledgeable recruiters are huge assets to any business! They are extremely useful, providing not only candidates, but market updates and advisory services to help their client benchmark their opportunities and recruitment / hiring practices. Recruiters are also incredibly useful for candidates. They make introductions on their behalf and advising them through the recruitment process, until they land the job they want.

I for intuitive

Great recruiters are extremely intuitive. They are able to read people and situations and navigate a desirable outcome. Oftentimes, they follow their noses and can pick up on special cues around them. They trust their own judgment and back themselves.

T for talkative

These professionals love to talk and get people talking in return! They’re great at picking up important information from conversations and are masters at striking up a good old chat with a potential business partner, candidate or client. What makes this such an important trait, is the fact that it’s backed up by excellent listening skills! Recruiters will benefit from being talkative if they match it with second to none listening.

There can be more other traits that all great recruiters possess, but with the word RECRUIT, we are reminded of some few qualities.

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