Recruiting tips from recruitment and labour hire experts

Executive recruitment, in general, is a much higher level of service than your average hiring process. Its focus, thoroughness and complexity are aligned to the significant level of investment involved in recruiting high calibre, senior and executive roles. Here are some tricks of the trade that top executive recruitment consultants follow for success.

1) Research:

Research is fundamental and the key to a successful executive recruitment project. Market insights enable consultants to find the best candidates for their clients, focusing research to really understand their client, the role, the industry sector and the pool of target candidates.

For best results, it’s important to implement a process. You need to have a thorough industry intelligence and research. You discover who your client is, what they are all about, and their industry competitors.

2) Consultative approach used in executive recruitment:

To really excel within executive recruitment, a consultative process is paramount. This means becoming fully immersed in your clients’ company cultures, becoming their trusted advisor, being passionate about their challenges and dreams and striving to achieve success together.

Your approach should be all about proposing data-backed solutions. These solutions should be working together to understand obstacles and working creatively to remove them. Become an extension of your clients, carrying out employee bench-marking to ensure you really understand their superstars.

3) Body language:

Understanding body language is one trick of the trade that can’t be missed out of this post. By investing time to meet with potential candidates face to face, you can gain a better understanding of them. Seeing the whites of someone’s eyes and “pressing the flesh” cannot be substituted if you really want to get under an individual’s skin.

By reading body language, you can assess how suitable a candidate is for a role. You will know whether they will integrate well to your client’s culture.

4) Building relationships:

Building strong relationships with your clients is crucial, as success comes from the journey you provide your candidates. Appointing a senior executive is a significant investment for both parties. The client relies on getting the recruitment right to have business success. The move of the candidate has to align with his career goals.

Being a successful executive recruitment consultant means going above and beyond what’s expected. These are proven ‘tricks of the trade’, thought out processes driven by a passion for our work. Try all these, and definitely, you’ll do the executive recruitment right.

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